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Starring the chick from The Fault in Our Stars, the black dude rapper from 8 Mile/House of Lies/High School High and the really angry white guy from that HORRIFIC Frankenstein adaptation that 2Face – uh, Aaron Eckhart, should never, ever have done.

I mean there are a lot of things that you could say go right in a movie, but isn’t it so much more fun to say what went wrong?

Insurgent opens in movie theaters worldwide today, but M-NET Movies held a pre-screening premiere party (with dancers on ceilings and everything) for a few lucky people who are quick with their fingers. So we watched the movie IMAX Kenya style (it’s been a while since I’ve done IMAX…but that’s a post for another day) AND there were prizes, which is my favourite type of party. On to the movie.

So in part 2 of the Divergent Series by Veronica Roth, Tris Pryor and Four, accompanied by Peter and her brother Caleb, have escaped from the other place to run to other places to seek refuge from power-hungry head of the State, Kate Winslet.

Now. What is wrong with this movie? They picked a good book to make a movie from, but let’s be honest – this is just a rich kid’s Hunger Games (as we all know, the Hunger Games books were much better than the movies. You would think with such a large budget and J-Law’s star power, they’d be able to close the gap…but no.). I think these movies were better done…but it is basically just copying it. The world divided into factions (or districts…). A female who rebels against the powers that be with a really cute boy willing to sacrifice (really more than he should, but that’s another story) everything for her including the world they live in…an inspiring mother figure…etc…etc. Much like I am Number Four (Alex Pettyfer, I think, should stop acting) and all those other dystopian world stories.

Do I believe Four and Triss’ romance? Nope. He looks about 35 – and am I supposed to seriously buy that Triss is 17/18? Nah. Though they have become more daring with the things they will admit to in this movie (which is code for don’t take your thirteen year old to watch this).

One thing about this movie though – I think the supporting actors outshone the main cast – or rather, the two main actors. I mean Kate Winslet was fabulous a la Cate Blanchett in Cinderella/Charlize Theron in Snow White and The Huntsman sans fabulous wardrobe, but she was on the Titanic, so we expect her to swim through. (:D) Peter, i.e. Miles Teller, has shown us that he can play likeable and unlikeable really well. I would have liked to see more Octavia Spencer but we can’t all be The Help, so. (who saw her in Snowpiercer)?

Tris’ PTSD was believable in that she played it well but the source of her guilt was a little confusing to me because I didn’t see why she felt guilty. I feel like she did what she had to do. But you know what, I’m not the one who sijui caused civil war and watched my parents die (that’s not a spoiler, CALM DOWN) so maybe I don’t get it?

Can you guys tell I really liked this movie though? I’m trying to hide it but it isn’t working. Maybe because I generally like Young Adult stuff and I am 15 years old inside. I may have even liked this one better than the last one. It was entertaining, it was a good length, some parts weren’t overly predictable and the plot twists were fun and the fighting wasn’t too drawn out.

And I realize that many people and reviewers DON’T like this movie (I think it has like a 37% rating on Rotten Tomatoes but a 6.7 on IMDB) but…I think it was a 7. I’ve warned you in advance. So.


I said it.

I liked it better than Kingsman, Cinderella, Jupiter Ascending, Focus AND Taken 3.


Yeah. Agree or disagree below 🙂


Black Panther Advance Screening | Win Tickets!



Long live the king. Black Panther opens next week and here’s your chance to win tickets to the ultimate fan experience and watch Black Panther in advance courtesy of Britania.

Competition Rules
1. Pose as your favorite Wakandan character while holding any four packets of Britania biscuits.
2. Upload that picture on any of the social media platforms with the hashtag #BlackPantherChallengeKE 
That’s all!

Prize Package
Each winner gets a ticket for two to attend the screening on Wednesday February 14th, at Century IMAX at Garden City Mall, Thika Road Highway.  Exit 7. And courtesy of Taxify Kenya, each winner will get picked up, dropped off at the screening and given a ride back home after the event, all at no cost.  Talk about royal treatment!

So what are you waiting for?  Take up the challenge and step into the spotlight.

Black Panther opens in cinemas and IMAX format here in Kenya on Friday February 16th.

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MJX 2017 VOLUME 2 | Sign Up for the Cosplay Showcase!



Registration closes Saturday Nov 11th


NOTE: It’s going to be fun! Whether you want to make a new costume, use a previous one, (or borrow) you are encouraged to do what’s best for you, and most importantly, have fun and meet fellow cosplayers.

Why Sign Up? This will help us properly plan the segment not only for you, but for the other cosplayers.  Our first  Cosplay Showcase! was during our first Cosplay Community Kenya #CosComKE Workshop in February 4th, 2017.

Click Here for Highlights

What will happen:
You will get to strut your stuff, show off your costume and props.  Each registered participant will have a few moments to tell the audience something brief about their costume and why they picked the character they did… and do a lil’ something-something for the crowd, that’s reminiscent of their character. Easy-peezy, right?

Registration closes Saturday Nov 11th

Discounted event ticket price for all registered cosplayers.  Secondly, on-location professional photography for all registered Cosplayers.   Later, a select number of cosplayers (5 from each day) will be picked for an exclusive special professional cosplay photography shoot in studio the following week. The images from this studio shoot will be edited into composites, looking really cool and ‘wow!’.  These images will look like they’ve been taken from the world of movies, anime, comic books that the you got your inspiration from!  Visual examples below:

[Click Here to Register!]
Registration closes Saturday Nov 11th

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