TRANSFORMERS 4 | New Look Optimus Prime


We all love Optimus Prime…

Optimus Prme - Battle Ready

So far the major news regarding the fourth Transformers installment has been of the ‘aesthetic’ kind, meaning changes have been made to the human cast, but everything else below the surface remains the same.  Today brings another major change to the ‘look’ of the franchise; Optimus Prime’s truck, you know, when he hasn’t yet transformed into a battle-ready yet wise and compassionate leader, has gotten a makeover…

Optimus Prime - NEW

What you think?  For the sake of comparison here’s the old look…

Optimus Prime - Old

So what say yo? Do you think Transformers 4 is looking promising this early?  Don’t forget that Mark Wahlberg is attached as star

Optimus Prime - New vs Old