#TeamJabber… FREE July Tshirts


As promised earlier on, we will be having FREE t-shirts to mark the occasion that is The Dark Knight Rises. Hooray and jubilation.  Seriously though, have a look at what happened when an insane ‘model’ and an equally ‘insanely menacing’ photography got their hands on one sample and, well see for yourselves…

Click on the first image for the gallery to pop up 😉

And here’s what it looks like, front and back

This t-shirts will be dished out at The Dark Knight Rises screening this Saturday to those coming along with #TeamJabber.  If you’re unaware or are somehow in the dark regarding what’s happening this Saturday…

CLICK HERE <#TeamJabber: The Dark Knight Rises>


  • The FREE Black Tees pictured above are limited in number and thus to be fair will be dished out to those who booked earlier on.
  • We do have some remaining tees from the previous #TeamJabber: Avengers Experience so we should be able to stretch the goodie basket 😉 We try doing this every month, so hang around too…


Our Sponsor This Month

The t-shirts are free thanks to our sponsor of the month who footed the purchase and printing costs, Kenya Decides 2013.

“Online platforms and social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are now the bread and butter on today’s youth who make up the majority of the voting population. 62% of the current voting population is between the ages of 18 and 37, and this number is set to go higher with subsequent voter registration and issuance of ID’s.  We strongly believe that the winners and losers in this year’s elections will be determined, to a great extent, by the way they did or did not build their online and social media campaigns into their campaigns. Kenya Decides will be that platform of choice for all Candidates and Parties in the 2012 general election, allowing Candidates to run based on issues which will be well defined on each candidate’s profile and also to create a powerful dialogue with their constituents throughout their campaigns.  Work with us to help Kenya Make the Right Decisions.” – Kenya Decides 2013