WOLVERINE 2 and KICK ASS 2 Images & Posters


The Wolverine

Hugh Jackman reprises a role he first took on 13 years ago in the first XMen film directed by Bryan Singer.  Wolverine’s first solo outing was less than impressive, but given the fact that the character has the largest fanbase, no way were the studios, Marvel Comics and Hugh Jackman himself going to let that be the only on screen foray of the character…

Here are some images from the production that has revved up its marketing engines. Hopefully soon we’ll see a trailer? 😉


Hugh Jackman in The Wolverine (2013) Movie Magazine Scan Image

The Wolverine claws into cinemas later this year, July 26th 2013.

Source: Beyond Hollywood

Kick Ass 2

Violence, blood, vulgarity and humor all accounted for in Kick Ass 2. To add to the already sweet mix, here are 6 new character posters…

Release date: July 19th 2013

Source: Totalfilm