Update: “Django Unchained” Confirmed Timing


Finally the screening time has been released! Let’s keep it short, sharp and straight to the point…


**NOTE: Century Cinemax’s system isn’t enabled for advanced booking or reservations. In short the earlier you come to pay, the better.

  1. Arrival & Payment 5.15 – 5.45PM : Simply put, the earlier you get there the better given the length of the queue. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the first few minutes of the film simply because you’re standing in line 😉
  2. Screening time: 6PM
  3. Ticket Price: 550 Kshs.
  4. Venue: Century Cinemax, Nakumatt
  5. Pictures and Video: Keeping with tradition for every Team Jabber event, there will be pictures before and after the screening, not to mention a chance for you to share your thoughts on the film which we will record and make available online a few days later 🙂 Yes we’ll make you famous!
  6. POSTER GIVE-AWAY: You do stand a chance at winning an exclusive Django Unchained poster on that same day if you do turn up…
Guess what we are giving away...
Guess what we are giving away…


So, are you committed to coming with the Team? We do hope you will come and help make it a memorable experience 🙂

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