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July: 'The Dark Knight Rises' Experience

#TeamJabber…The Aftermath



Thank you very much for all who turned up for “The Dark Knight Rises” it sure was epic! Yes both the movie and all you peeps and the free tshirts courtesy of our sponsor that were dished out ๐Ÿ˜‰

On Saturday, July 28th we had two Movie Jabber bookings; 2.50pm and at 8.50pm at IMAX 20th Century, 25 seats booked for each of those two screenings bringing the total to 50.ย  To keep it short, and to sum it up; 41 out of 50 people who signed up turned up. That’s a good number and again, major thank you to all who turned out!ย  It was fun and all the more enjoyable watching The Dark Knight Rises together.ย  If you missed out, behold a video of the event and the picture gallery of the experience…


Le Gallery ๐Ÿ™‚

Click on the first image for the gallery to pop-up

Pictures courtesy of:

Kennedy Keriko

Chisomo Nkhoma

BIG question is, what’s the next #TeamJabber Experience for August?

Total Recall vs Bourne Legacy vs The Expendables 2…?

Voting is already underway on our Facebook group and on Twitter (@MovieJabber)