Ok peeps, this is the business end of the entire build-up. You are not far away from another #TeamJabber Experience 🙂  If this is your first time, trust us, there’s no greater fun than watching a movie Big Screen, with all the effects and surround sound, with fellow movie lovers and buddies all around you.  Have look at our previous most recent experiences:

#TeamJabber Experience: The Dark Knight Rises

#TeamJabber Experience: Nairobi Half Life

The Bourne Legacy

…is our next one. This weekend to be precise. To get you in the mood and to also in a way refresh your memory on everything Bourne, here’s a pretty neat music video mesh-up from the guys over at Screenrant


Date: Saturday 29th September, 2012

Venue: Fox Sarit.

Time: To Be Confirmed by this Wednesday.

Time really flies, so let’s not take the passing days for granted, start getting ready NOW! 🙂

So, are you ‘Bourne’ to be alive…?