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MAN OF STEEL | Spoiler Free Review Reviews
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MAN OF STEEL | Spoiler Free Review

If you’re not familiar with the story of Superman at this very moment as you read this, then you’re arguments are nullified 🙂  Fact is, Superman is the most iconic figure with the most


MAN OF STEEL | New Character Posters

The biggest movie of the year, or quite maybe the most hihly anticipated has to be Warner Brother’s reintroduction of Superman and the fantastic and iconic mythology surrounding the character in this year’s Man


MAN OF STEEL | Epic TV Spots Puzzle

Man of Steel flies into cinemas next month.  It’s quite appropriate that the film is titled as such because it’s only steel (see what we did there? How about that…) that can most likely


NEW Images; Superman, Wolverine

2013 is a big year for spandex wearing, super-enabled beings in the realm of movies.  Thor 2: Dark World, Iron Man 3, Man of Steel and The Wolverine are just some of the superheroes


Man of Steel: Two Trailers

Incase you missed it over the weekend, two Man of Steel teaser-trailers were made available online.  They are pretty much the same; gritty, and with a sense of ‘self discovery’ for our boy in red