SUPERHERO MOVIES 2016 | Kenyan Release Dates!!



The war between rival Fandom factions i.e. Marvel Fanboys vs DC Fanboys will reach never before seen heights next year when DC kick off their shared universe (finally!).  For the few of us straddling the line between seeking a good laugh and a fun time at the movies, versus great storylines and exciting villains, we could care less! The more superhero movies the better!!

2016 has for the moment eight superhero movies lined up. Here they are below with their trailers where available:

Feb 12 | Deadpool

MARCH 2016
Mar 25 | Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

MAY 2016
May 6 | Captain America: Civil War
May 20 | X-Men: Apocalypse

Aug 5 | Suicide Squad

Oct 7 | Gambit

Nov 4 | Doctor Strange

Dec 23 | Assassin’s  Creed

Be back back here for a more updated list the closer we get to their release dates. Oh and tell a friend!!


Movies/Series Updates

UPDATES: — James Bond ‘Skyfall’ To start things off, here are 3 set pics from the set of James Bond: Skyfall with Daniel Craig as Bond, striking some poses and in one, meaning business

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