MJX | Cosplay Community Kenya Tournament (CosComKE)


The road to this year’s Movie Jabber Expo or #MJX2017, started early this year in February when we held our first ever Cosplay Community Kenya workshop (CosComKE).  In July at MJX, we want to raise the art of Cosplay in Kenya to even greater heights when we hold the first ever CosCom Kenya Tournament and crown only one champion!

Winners’ Bounty
30,000 Kshs. for the Champ
20,000 Kshs. for Second Place
15,000 Kshs. for Third Place

Please read the below details carefully to learn what criteria will be used to judge and how to register for the tournament.  You must register before the deadline period which is Friday, June 2nd:

If you want to cosplay just for fun and not compete, you can still do so at MJX and are highly welcome.  But please DO NOT fill this form.

YES! I WANT TO COSPLAY AND COMPETE FOR CASH! Please proceed and read the following details carefully to learn what criteria will be used to judge and how to register for the tournament. You must register before the deadline period which is Friday, June 2nd.

 Details on Criteria used to Judge:

Creativity – Whether it’s mashing up costumes from different universes, putting your own spin on an already established character or using unique materials or techniques to create your costumes, we want you to stew in your creative juices…and have fun in the process.

Craftsmanship – How awesome does your costume look? How authentic is it? What materials did you use to make it? We want to appreciate the little details you added to your get-up!

Role-playing – It’s even part of the name…”cosPLAY”. Now you’ve dressed the part, now it’s time to play the part. Live as your hero/villain for a day. #ComeAndBecome your character!

 Registration Requirements: 

1. Your Full name, email address and ID number for correct identification purposes.
2. Character name.
3. Correct description of the source of the character (TV show, Movie, Anime, Cartoon, Comic or Manga).
4. Exact and correct picture of the version of the character you are playing (we all know that the same character can look different across the same or various adaptations and mediums over the years: comic book issues, TV and movie adaptations) so help our judges be fair by being very accurate with what version of the character you are cosplaying as. OR references of the character if it’s a mash-up or a spinoff.
5. Fun fact about your costume creating process.