MAN OF STEEL | Superman 75th Anniversary Costume Tour


Superman celebrates 75 years this year.  A celebration made all the more sweeter with the highly successful release of Man of Steel (a possible last ditch attempt at resurrecting the character onscreen) and the announcement that the sequel, set for 2015, will feature none other than the Dark Knight himself; Batman. Rounding up that piece of tremendously super juicy news is the fact that highly talented Ben Affleck has been cast as Bruce Wayne/Batman and could possibly take over the directorial reigns of the character in solo outings…

Batman - Affleck

All that brings us to the present; to celebrate 75 years of the man of steel being relevant to modern day culture, all Superman costumes from over the years have been set up in glass cases and taken on tour (no, not Kenya although it would be inviting for such to happen 😉 ). We have pictures from the tour below, seriously who wouldn’t want such to happen locally? 😉

The Blu-Ray version comes out this November 🙂


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