MAN OF STEEL | A Fan Review


Man Of Steel
Director: Zack Snyder
Cast: Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Diane Lane, Kevin Costner

“First off, I am not a Superman fan. I have seen the previous films, however they did not do anything for me. I love movies though, so my wife took me to the pre-screening at Cinemax in Junction of the 15th of June. The excitement was there, I mean it being a pre-screening and all, but nothing had prepared me for what was to come. Sure enough, I’d seen the trailers in the cinemas for a ridiculous number of months, however they had also not prepared me in the least for what Man Of Steel really had to offer. It’s an AWESOME movie. Period.Go see it!

The storyline is very good, gripping and allows even the most lay of men (and women) with regards to Superman to understand who Superman is, what drives him and where he’s from. And WHY he’s being pursued by the villain in the film. However, this is not your average hero vs villain-type movie. Considerable time is spent on portraying Superman’s psychology, which explains his drive and his actions. The way this is done is through flashbacks after the initial introduction of Superman’s real parents, Jor-El and Lara. Bits and pieces of information are given throughout the movie, which makes it interesting to watch as it keeps your intellect engaged as well. So from start to finish we see a young Clark Kent evolve into Superman.

Of course, the mandatory love interest, Lois Lane, is also in the picture (pun intended). Fortunately it’s quite genuine and not in your face. Thank you script writers and director!

Laurence Fishburne as Perry White and Amy Adams as Lois Lane

On the psychology of the villain, General Zod (granted, a bit of an unfortunate name), just the right amount of time is spent for the spectator to understand his character, and in my case, actually feel a bit of sympathy for the man. Like I hinted at above, Man Of Steel is not your average hero vs villain-type movie!

General Zod (Michael Shannon)

The actors were superbly cast, and the acting is equally good, with Kevin Costner taking the cake for me. He beautifully portrays Superman’s adoptive human father, Jonathan Kent, a farmer tasked with bringing up this alien we now know as Superman. Jonathan’s upbringing of Kal-El (Clark Kent, Superman) and his world views essentially shape Superman into the man he becomes. The parts of the conversations between Clark and Jonathan that are shown in the film allow the spectator to understand certain choices Superman makes in the movie. Even the most difficult of all… Nope, I am not giving away ANYTHING!

Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent

Now for the final ingredient of the movie: the visuals. Quite simply overwhelming. Beautifully created and shot, which make even the most fantastic action sequences seem real and believable. Combined with the good storyline, great score (anything with a Chris Cornell song it in gets extra points in my book) and the class-acting, this makes the movie fly by, even though it’s a hefty 143 minutes!

So my conclusion: Man Of Steel, a MUST see. And in my case, a MUST see a number of times! ENJOY!”

Submitted by Erwin Sluijter