Keanu Reeves Martial Arts Flick MAN OF TAI CHI Trailer


Keanu Reeves tries his hand at directing in this seemingly brutal martial arts flick where he also plays the antagonist…i.e. bad guy.  Keanu Reeves and martial arts aren’t really that far apart, c’mon this is Neo we are talking about! So we are relatively pleased that his first project as a Director is, as said, a martial arts flick.  Images came online a week ago, and with us today we have the very first trailer that packs quite the punch, kick, spinning heel kicks and so much more… 😉

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Courtesy of Collider, we can now present to you the full A-list of Martial Arts cred associated with this film just incase you’re like..”oh, it’s just grown men kicking and punching each other”,

It tracks the journey of a young martial artist (Tiger Hu Chen) who’s lured into an underground tournament run by an unsavoury chap (Reeves) dead set on corrupting him. Joining Chen and Reeves in front of the camera are Simon Yam (Ip Man), Karen Mok (Black Mask), and The Raid: Redemption star Iko Uwais. Former stunt man Chen first hooked up with Reeves while working on the Matrix series, as did the film’s action choreographer, the legendary Yuen Woo-Ping (also of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon fame). To sum up, this one’s boasting all kinds of ass-kicking cred, which will be on full display in a staggering 40 minutes of fight sequences.Collider

Yes, 40 minutes of fight sequences.  That alone is awesome! Keanu must be a fan-boy because his initial plans involved using an innovative camera rig that would have allowed him to capture the fights in one fluid movement from different angles as a result of the camera’s rig allowing it to dip, dive, duck and curve… Unfortunately that couldn’t happen because of financial reasons, but it would have been ‘awesomely’ awesome 😉 if it had!  See for yourself:

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Man of Tai Chi is scheduled for a 2013 release. No confirmed exact date as of yet.

Man of Tai Chi - Poster