EAST AFRICA BOX OFFICE | Mad Max: Fury Road Not Strong Enough to Beat The Avengers


The Avengers: Age of Ultron firmly clenched the number one spot in East Africa for the third weekend in a row.  Although this doesn’t mean that Mad Max: Fury Road was less preferred, it simply came down to premium ticket pricing as a result of IMAX Kenya not getting an IMAX format of George Miller’s current master-piece.  This factor was the only reason Joss Whedon’s last Marvel film came out on top.

IMAX Kenya contribute very strongly to the regions’s overall Box Office figures by a healthy percentage, with The Avengers currently running solo, the $$ figure return was bound to be in there favour 😉

Despite outperforming Mad Max globally two times over in its opening weekend on May 15, Pitch Perfect 2 comes in at #3 in East Africa. Safe to say the ‘threequel’ is on its way!

1 1 AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON DISNEY          2,625,961        26,309,891 30-Apr-15 3
2 NEW MAD MAX : FURY ROAD WARNER          2,375,645          2,349,249 15-May-15 1
3 NEW PITCH PERFECT 2 UNIVERSAL          1,468,887          1,468,887 15-May-15 1
4 4 HOME FOX             166,345          4,696,745 20-Mar-15 8
5 3 FAST AND FURIOUS 7 UNIVERSAL             158,373        49,220,737 3-Apr-15 7
6 2 THE GUNMAN BLACKSHEEP               77,852          1,251,875 8-May-15 2
7 5 THE LONGEST RIDE FOX               47,261             998,729 24-Apr-15 4
8 NEW CHILD 44 TMES MEDIA FILMS               45,665               45,256 15-May-15 1
9 6 PADDINGTON BLACKSHEEP                 6,384             573,546 24-Apr-15 4
10 7 PAUL BLART : MALL COP 2 COLUMBIA                 3,018          1,367,236 15-Apr-15 4



Disney’s Tomorrowland starring George Clooney, Hugh Laurie, Raffey Cassidy, Thomas Robinson, Britt Robertson opens this Friday May 22 in conventional theaters and IMAX Kenya, so expect a boost in its figures the first weekend.  It’s not necessarily an all-out Sci-Fi/Action/Adventure so it’s final performance is a bit in the grey area for now, given the preferred genre taste of our region. But surprises are welcome and known to happen 😉 



The Poltergeist hopes to scare up some good numbers when it premieres this weekend too. But horrors have never had a good track record in cinema in terms of returns.  This weekend may most likely be The Avengers last weekend at #1 and Mad Max: Fury Road may just slide, but let’s not forget Dwayne’ The Rock’ Johnson’s San Andreas releasing May 29…

DISCLAIMER: Figures based on estimates submitted by cinemas.  Movie Jabber will not be held responsible for figures erroneously submitted.

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