Movie Posters Taken Literally

Someone must have askedMumbai-based designer Danish Ahmed what would happen if recent Hollywood releases were reimagined quite literally? Specifically when it comes to promotional posters… Here is the result of what was most likely

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HERCULES | Starring The Rock

Another comic-book adaptation to make this year’s film roster more enticing. This time round everyone’s favourite actor Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is the sole face behind what could possibly be a franchise launcher. IF

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MALEFICENT | New Trailer

Front and center of this fairytale adaptation is Angeline Jolie. Remember Sleeping Beauty? Well, this is live-action adaptation (with some liberty taken) that tells the story from the villain’s perspective… Official Synopsis: “Maleficent” explores

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THE MAZE RUNNER | First Trailer

From 20th Century Fox, The Maze Runner is one of the three films this year that starts a teenage cast but with content that appeals to adults too. We mentioned three because the first

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