What was it about?

A long series of unfortunate events befall the earths mightiest heroes within the span of twenty-four hours, this story follows the avengers on their unluckiest day.

How was the art?

The most notable artist in this book was David Finch because he drew the first two half of this story arc, I thought his art was really cool, although the faces he drew were sometimes too exaggerated for my taste. The other half of the story changed artist’s almost two pages, the quality went from 0 to 60 in no seconds flat, but it never got too bad that it was distracting. I did recognize some art from two of my favorite artists, Alex Maleev from “Marvel Knights Daredevil” and Oliver Coipel from “Avengers vs X-Men”.

How was the story?

I always say this about Brian Michael Bendis; he writes relationships between characters and dialogue incredibly well. If anyone is talking at any time in this comic book it is brilliantly executed be it Hawkeye arguing with Ironman, Yellow Jacket and Wasp reflecting on their relationship or Spiderman being scolded for being facetious, the dialogue always shines. My only problem with the book is that some of the plot points feel underdeveloped, and some of these plot points were very significant at the time (it’s kind of why it was called “Avengers Disassembled”). This book might also not be very easily accessible for new readers.

How was it?

In the end this comic had some weak plot points but redeemed itself with excellent dialogue and strong characters. I would recommend reading this book as long as you don’t go too far out of your way to do so.

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Avengers Disassambled Review

Avengers Disassembled gets review by avid comic book reader Ochieng Oneko. Avengers Disassembled written by Brian Michael Bendis, Illustrated by Various Artists.